What makes us better?

To put it simply we have a unique solution when it comes to compliance. We make it so easy, so you can focus on what you should be doing. Leave all of the compliance & maintenance to SAFE!

We ensure our client’s workplace is safe in terms of employees, compliance obligations, owner’s risk and risk to the public by providing simple compliance solutions and quality specialised equipment services.

In Tasmania there are so many aspects to building compliance that most of us are totally confused and puzzled by what is actually required by law.

With the myriad of Legislation, Regulations & Australian Standards. How do you stay compliant?

Some of the common questions we used hear from so many of our clients were;

  • What is a Form 46?
  • What do I have to maintain in my business?
  • How often do these inspections have to happen?
  • What happens if I don’t stay compliant?
  • What records do I need to keep?

The puzzle of compliance is a constant distraction & worry that interferes with your business plans.

Are compliance issues & red tape slowing you down?

At Safe Workplace Solutions we solve your puzzle by creating and implementing a simple solution that saves you time & money.

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Advantages of SAFE

  1. Consolidate multiple services into one single site visit
  2. Deal with one company
  3. One point of contact
  4. Less interruption to you and your staff
  5. Less site visits means less cost
  6. One account to manage
  7. Free expert advice
  8. You don’t have to remember when your servicing is due
  9. Client login to access Reports, Quotes & Invoices
  10. 100% accountability to our clients
  11. Wide range of services
  12. Electricians available to complete repairs at time of servicing
  13. Rest assured that you are compliant
  14. Same day electronic reports
  15. Only use the highest quality equipment at an affordable price