Training Services.

Fire Training.

What is the point of having fire equipment (LINK) if you don’t know how to use it? Not only is it extremely useful to know but it is also part of your obligations as a business owner or operator to ensure your staff are competent and able to use the protective equipment you have on your site.

SAFE completes fire equipment training tailored to suit your requirements and we come to you, so the training is site specific.

Course participants will learn how various portable fire protection products should be used in emergency situations. A theory component of the training covers the varied classes of fire and the suitability of each extinguishment method. The unit covers the use of a portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and a fire blankets. Through the use of our innovative “Live Fire” simulator, participants will gain practical experience in using each type of equipment to extinguish real fires in a safe and controlled environment.

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Warden Training.

Evacuating a building in the event of an emergency can be a very difficult task unless you are prepared and have practiced an evacuation. Normally when an emergency occurs there is panic and chaos. This is the opposite of what should happen.

SAFE conducts site specific warden training in conjunction with your Emergency Evacuation Plan. This training includes a theory component and practical walkthrough outlining risks, hazards and emergency response equipment. A detailed report is issued on completion. All warden training is completed in accordance with AS 3745. A practice emergency evacuation can also be coordinated in conjunction with this training.

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Warden Refresher Training.

As emergencies are hopefully a rare occurrence, refresher training is required for wardens to ensure they do not become complacent with their role. Refresher training should be completed at least every 12 months.

This course requires a previous warden training course (LINK) to have been completed as it is an overview of the full warden training course. This course is best to be completed with an emergency evacuation drill.

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Emergency Evacuation Drill.

Emergency evacuation drills are the best way of ensuring that the wardens are prepared to evacuate and control an emergency situation. A practice evacuation should be completed at least once a year. SAFE can coordinate a full site evacuation with all bells and sounders and real smoke from our smoke machine. Making the evacuation realistic ensures that the wardens will be as prepared as possible.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a fake emergency! (LINK)

Spill Kit Training.

Does your site have hazardous chemicals, fuels or oils? Do you know how to clean up a spill safely?

Spill kit training has a theory and a practical component. The theory is all about the legislation, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), reporting and safety measures, while practical gives you first hand practice of cleaning up a spill.

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Certificate IV Work Health & Safety.

Looking for the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety?

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