I love helping reduce the workload, time and money my clients are spending trying to stay compliant with their maintenance requirements. It is a great feeling to see positive feedback from clients on how I have helped them.

One such story is a new client I started working with towards the end of 2016. This client is a large organisation within Tasmania with more than 50 sites. Now imagine having different contractors coming in for different services at different times throughout the year. You are getting invoices, reports, and quotes on most days and are required to keep track of all this……

Sounds stressful!

Safe Workplace Solutions jumped on board ready to help!

After completing our first round of servicing for this organisation, we managed to put our systems and processes into place.

Time Saving – All services lining up so that the client only receives a single visit whereas before the client would have multiple service providers attending at different times.

Electronic Reporting and Client Log In – One of the biggest issues in compliance is having all the records in one place. Our client received all records via email so they do not have to have written paperwork that is very hard to decipher and understand. They can also access their records and invoices at any time by logging on to our system.

Reducing Cost – Instead of having multiple service providers charging call out fees and individual rates, our client now has their services all bundled up in one nice package.’

Not only did we save the client on the above, due to the attention to details from our technicians on the ground, we also found the following:

  • At one of our client’s sites, they were having two separate companies monitoring their fire detection system when they only require one. They have been charged by two companies for this. (this has saved my client in excess of $1000)
  • Multiple sites had items that have never been tested and have now been rectified to ensure that in an emergency, the lifesaving equipment is in working condition.

The great feedback received shows me that Team Safe is making a difference for our clients and gives me the motivation to continue visiting businesses throughout Tasmania so that I can help these businesses spend more time growing and less time on compliance.

Craig Couacaud

Compliance Expert