My name is Kane and I joined the Safe Workplace Solutions team in August 2016 as a Maintenance Rookie. 

During my first few months at SAFE I have been able to help quite a few hairdressing salons become more aware of their safety requirements as a business owner. 

The first hairdresser I visited had recently opened and was not really aware of any of the safety requirements to ensure that the workplace was a safe environment for both their staff and their clients. 

I was able to educate them on what fire equipment they were required to have installed to comply with AS1851 as well as discussing the importance of testing and tagging in accordance with AS3760 of all of the electrical items to ensure they were safe to use. 

After educating the owner and completing a site audit I was able to advise what fire equipment they was required to be installed.

I was given the go ahead to install these straight away while I was on site, as well as complete the electrical testing and tagging of all of the electrical items. 

This only took a couple of hours from the time I arrived on site and I was able to complete the job for them, then and there. I was able to work around the hairdressers and the clients causing minimal disruption to the operation of the salon. 

All of the assets tested have a small tag placed on them neatly with their test result and are imported into our system from which we issue a same day report; this lists information regarding the asset that was tested as well as the test result. 

From here the assets flag in our system when they are due again and we will contact the salon to schedule in a time to complete the service. This means that the client doesn’t have to worry about remembering what service is due and when. 

The owner of the salon was very thankful that I called in when I did and was able to take care of everything for her so she didn’t have to worry. 

I have visited multiple hair salons since and have been able to help them in the same way. 

If you or someone you know is puzzled with what your compliance obligations are please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help you. 

Kane Johansen 

Maintenance Rookie