Fire Pro.

Do you have critical expensive equipment? Can your business operate without it? What is the effect on your business without it? What happens if it catches on fire?

If the answers to these questions concern you, don’t worry, we have a simple solution with FirePro!

What is Fire Pro?

Unlike other conventional Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems FirePro will not kill you, will not damage your equipment, but will extinguish your fire.

FirePro is the fire extinguishing agent of the future for:

  • Total flooding fire protection
  • Internal fire protection
  • Local/streaming fire protection

It is Ozone Friendly, Cost Effective, Halon Alternative & Environmentally friendly.

FirePro extinguishing aerosol systems use the latest generation of the SBK aerosol forming compound (it does not contain pyrotechnic materials such as nitro-guanidine or nitro-cellulose). Upon activation the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on potassium salts.

How it Works?

Suppression Systems are designed to protect specific, expensive and critical equipment from fire. There are many types of suppression systems and they can be installed anywhere and protect anything. SAFE specialises in most types of suppression and is the Tasmanian distributor of FirePro.

Vehicle/marine fire suppression systems are designed first and foremost to protect human life. Such systems are designed and installed to suppress a fire before it can reach the operator or passenger areas quickly and efficiently. They also can detect and suppress fires before they have a chance to do severe damage to your equipment.

Today’s commercial cooking environments require the use of hotter burning vegetable oils. This, coupled with highly insulated, slow-cooling appliances have increased the difficulty of extinguishing fires in such kitchens. We can design, install & maintain restaurant & commercial cooking fire suppression systems that will prevent & extinguish restaurant fires in these types of cooking environments.

Please contact us for more information about your specific requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • Highly Efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Halon Alternative
  • Autonomous & Automatic (No need for piping, Electrical or Pressure)
  • Does Not Damage Property, Machinery or Electronics
  • Activated, Electrically, Thermally or Manually
  • Built in Activation Ensures Operation
  • Negligible Maintenance Costs
  • Non Pressurised Containers
  • Space & Weight Saving
  • Easy Installation

Where is it used?

The range of products is wide and versatile to suit any application. It starts from the small autonomous and automatic fire extinguishing generators that can protect internally small volumes such as:

  • Electrical panels
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Machinery
  • UPS systems
  • Personal computers

The medium to large sized generators are used for the protection of:

  • Electrical sub-stations
  • Computer rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Data rooms
  • Archives
  • Warehouses
  • Telecommunications rooms