Recently we completed an install of a FirePro Suppression System for a client in a large bulldozer.

Bulldozer FireProWhat is FirePro?

Unlike other conventional Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems FirePro will not kill you, will not damage your equipment, but will extinguish your fire.

FirePro is the fire extinguishing agent of the future for:

  • Total flooding fire protection
  • Internal fire protection
  • Local/streaming fire protection

It is Ozone Friendly, Cost Effective, Halon Alternative & Environmentally friendly.

FirePro can be utilised in machinery, marine, electrical installations and anywhere that there could be critical infrastructure that could affect your business operations.

FirePro extinguishing aerosol systems use the latest generation of the SBK aerosol forming compound (it does not contain pyrotechnic materials such as nitro-guanidine or nitro-cellulose). Upon activation, the solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding, highly efficient and highly effective fire extinguishing aerosol, based on potassium salts.

If you would like more information about FirePro give us a call on 1300 380 490.


Bulldozer Fire PanelFirePro Install 2

FirePro Install 1FirePro Install 3