Do you have Eye Wash Stations and/or Safety Showers installed at your Workplace? Do they operate correctly and safely?

Recently I have been able to assist a large company in the North of the state to ensure compliance in several areas within their business.

I recently met with a large food processing plant in Burnie to discuss how SAFE could streamline their compliance needs and provide state of the art reporting to reduce the amount of time their staff spend on compliance.

I conducted a site evaluation at no charge to determine what areas within their business could be streamlined. This involved walking around the site to get an understanding of what they did and how they did it. At this time, I was able to get an understanding of their needs and provide a proposal to suit including pricing.

We were initially just looking at completing electrical testing and tagging of all electrical items as well as RCD (residual current testing) of all RCD’s. However during the site evaluation, I noted that their safety showers and eye wash stations were in an area where they could require some assistance in the testing.

Once the proposal was accepted, I attended and got to work.

This was a big job and took multiple days to complete. To minimise disruption to this busy workplace we completed a lot of the servicing after hours. This meant a few 3am starts!
During our inspections of the eye wash stations, it was found that the water on one of the stations was coming out at 80 degrees Celsius when activated. This was in an area where chemicals are used that activate by heat.
This meant that if a staff member had an accident and got some of the chemical in their eyes, the 80-degree water would exacerbate the situation.
Luckily, we picked this up before the station was needed in an emergency.

Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations are required to be maintained to the Australian Standard which includes Weekly & Annual Testing. SAFE would be happy to include this as part of your essential services routine testing.

The feedback we have been given from this client has been very good. The main reason they chose to go with SAFE to look after these essential services was our systems, client log in and the quality of the same day reports they are provided with.
They were very happy to see that potential problems were picked up due to the attention to detail of our technicians.

Not only was SAFE a cheaper option than having their onsite electrician complete the testing and tagging, but we were able to save them time by providing them with the Asset Record as they no longer needed to have their own tracking system for assets.

Our system automatically creates jobs when assets are due for testing, this streamlines the process for the client as different types of equipment is due to be serviced at different time intervals. SAFE takes care of all of this for the client so they can focus on what’s important to them.

If you would like more information on any of the Essential Services that we look after, get in contact with us today!

We would be happy to complete a free onsite evaluation for you!

Caleb Clark,
Maintenance Expert