Eye Wash Station & Safety Shower Maintenance

Do you have Eye Wash Stations and/or Safety Showers installed at your Workplace? Do they operate correctly and safely? Recently I have been able to assist a large company in the North of the state to ensure compliance in several areas within their business. I recently met with a large food processing plant in Burnie [...]

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Fire Pro Suppression System

Recently we completed an install of a FirePro Suppression System for a client in a large bulldozer. What is FirePro? Unlike other conventional Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems FirePro will not kill you, will not damage your equipment, but will extinguish your fire. FirePro is the fire extinguishing agent of the future for: Total flooding fire [...]

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Problem Solved

I love helping reduce the workload, time and money my clients are spending trying to stay compliant with their maintenance requirements. It is a great feeling to see positive feedback from clients on how I have helped them. One such story is a new client I started working with towards the end of 2016. This [...]

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Form 56

I have received this letter from the local council recently and I don’t know what to do? Recently a local council sent out a letter to all businesses within their area of responsibility. This letter advised that the businesses were required to provide a Form 56 Annual Maintenance Statement. After receiving this letter, a number [...]

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