65% Cost Saving.

A reputable car dealership located in Southern Tasmania was sick of not knowing what was being maintained across their sites. They had 4 separate companies that were sending them an invoice every month but they never understood what the invoice was for. When the annual cost of the monthly invoices was calculated and all 4 companies’ invoices were added together the total cost was around $12,000.00 per year. As every business looks to make improvements and savings they decided to look around.

They contacted SAFE and one of the sales team attended site and explained how SAFE could help (LINK). During this meeting price was not discussed and all of the information was gathered by the sales person. Later the same afternoon a quote was sent to the customer. They were amazed.

SAFE was able to complete all of the work that the customer was having maintained plus added 2 additional services and reduced the total annual cost by 65%. That was an annual saving of $7,800.00 and they were getting additional services completed.

At first they thought it was too good to be true and asked what the catch was, but when the advantages of SAFE (LINK) were explained they couldn’t wait to sign the agreement.

This car dealership has been a valued customer since 2011.

Please note this is a true story and was specific to this customer. SAFE cannot guarantee a 65% saving. Although we try, each circumstance is different.


Non for Profit Oganisation Takes Advantage.

A large non for profit organisation took SAFE up on their free compliance audit.  SAFE met with them, and discussed what services they currently require.

They required multiple services across their 14 sites statewide to comply with their building safety obligations. These services were;

  • Form 56 preparation
  • Fire equipment maintenance
  • Emergency & exit lighting maintenance
  • Fire detection maintenance
  • Warden training
  • Fire equipment training

They used 4 different contractors to fulfil their requirements.

SAFE was able to provide every service they required, which saved them on expensive call out fees.

SAFE provided them with a login to their job management system, through which they could view the status and history for any job SAFE completed at their site.

The organisation was extremely happy the new arrangement. SAFE made their job easier because the client log in system makes it easy for them to maintain their sites. They were also happy that everything was now through one supplier reducing costs of multiple service charges and additional administrative work.

Please note this is a true story and was specific to this customer. SAFE cannot guarantee a saving. Although we try, each circumstance is different.