Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Essential safety and health features include:

  • The building’s fire integrity
  • Means of egress, signs, and lighting
  • Firefighting services and equipment
  • Air handling systems
  • Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
  • Occupant warning systems
  • Lifts
  • Standby power supply systems
  • Mechanical ventilation and hot water, warm water and cooling water systems
  • Glazed assemblies, and balconies
  • Refrigerated chambers, strong rooms and vaults
  • On-site waste management systems
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Thermostatic mixing valves or tempering valves (in certain buildings)

Essential safety and health measures include:

  • Building clearance and fire appliance access
  • Building use and application
  • Emergency evacuation procedure
For new buildings or alterations and additions to existing buildings completed after 1 July 2004, the Building Surveyor who issues the Occupancy Permit for the building determines a schedule of prescribed essential safety and health measures (Form 46) appropriate to the building which maintenance is required.

For buildings built before 1 July 2004, the owner will need to determine or have determined the appropriate maintenance requirements for their building. For complex buildings it may be necessary for owners to initially engage a specialist to assist in determining the ongoing maintenance requirements. The specialist could be an engineer, building surveyor or maintenance specialist. As a basis to start from, the provisions for new buildings could be used and modified to take account of when the particular features of the building were built and how they were originally required to perform.

The short answer is all items listed on your Form 46 and items that are relevant to your building. This is things like Fire Equipment, Emergency Lighting, Exit Lighting and Fire systems. Please contact us for further information.
There are various Laws, Acts and Regulations that require you to maintain your equipment to ensure that you are providing a safe working environment. Please contact us for further information.
Inspection are completed either 1, 6, 12, 24 or 60 monthly depending on the equipment each site has. Please contact us for clarification on your specific site.
Aside for the fines (Starting from $5,200 for individuals and ranging up to $500,000 for companies) you are putting yourself and every person that enters your building at risk. Not only is there a safety risk, insurance companies require you to comply with these regulations. Failure to comply could result in a null and void insurance policy. Please contact us for further details.